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Hello, Darlings!
I have had this palette for almost a year now and it has to be one of the most used eyeshadow palettes that I have in my collection. In my collection, I have a variety of different eyeshadow palettes but for some reason, I never seem to have enough of them? they are so many out there to choose from.
Urban Decay was founded nearly 20 years ago when they decided it was time to add purples, greens etc into the makeup routine rather than the usual reds, beige and pinks which were dominating the market. Not only have urban decay brought out some amazing bright products so many other brands have too.
urban decay heat palette uk review

When it comes to eyeshadows I am completely random when I choose because I like to have a variety of shades to choose from. I never choose his palette personally but my partner bought it for me for my 27th birthday last year as he knows how much I love urban decay products. I started to love urban decay products near my 16th birthday as I was drawn into the packaging and the variety of products they have and that still hasn’t changed.
Naked Heat comes in a variety of different products including this full-size palette, lipsticks and a petite palette too. This palette costs £39.50 for 12 eyeshadows. The shadows are warm amber-hued shades with burnt orange, warm browns and deep reds. Urban Decay are a cruelty-free company (owned by parent company Loreal) and has a variety of vegan make too.
urban decay heat palette review
So the Urban Decay Heat palette has 12 eyeshadows inside and for me, they remind me of the autumn leaves with the burnt orange, reds and ambers. I think the selection of shades is lovely and warm too as they have a fair few too choose from in it. It has different textures including mattes and shimmery shades such as the copper. This palette is all you need for sultry daytime looks and to take you into intense nighttime looks; the choice is yours.
The packaging of this is just divine and I can’t fault it one bit. It comes in a nice sturdy box that shows on the smashed shades on the front of the box. It opens from the side like a drawer and I don’t know why but I just love how quirky that is. The palette is very strong and has a gorgeous design which is inspired by the shades inside the palette with a nice raised design with the products name. Inside the palette, it has a generous size mirror with a double-sided makeup brush.
urban decay heat palette review
The eyeshadows themselves are mostly creamy and just a dream to apply and to blend. Some of them are a little more chalky but they do blend well on the skin once on but with a little bit of fallout.
So what are the eyeshadow shades inside?
Eyeshadow shades included:
Ounce (ivory shimmer) This has the most fallout out but it’s a lovely ivory shade that blends like a dream and works wonderfully as a highlighter too. 
Chaser (light nude matte) This works lovely as a cut crease or to add definition to an eyeshadow look. I like to add this with an ounce. 
Sauced (soft terra-cotta matte) Another lovely shade that I like to use combined with the darker shades to add a smokey eye look.
Low Blow (brown matte) Not only is this a lovely creamy shadow it also works well as a contour product. I like to use this to define my nose before adding a highlighter. 
Ugh, this is my favourite shade, its just love Lumbre (copper shimmer w/gold pearl shift) This has to be my favourite shade in the palette as it suits every style of makeup I do. It’s a lovely shimmery copper that shimmers in the sunlight. 
He Devil (burnt red matte) Very intense shade that looks lovely combined with ember and ivory.
Dirty Talk (metallic burnt red) This is another beautiful shimmery shade that looks very nice whatever time of the day. I like to use this with en Fuego and chaser. 
Scorched (metallic deep red w/gold micro-shimmer) I can have 2 favourites right? This is just lovely with lumbre and ivory. 
Cayenne (deep terra-cotta matte) Holy smokes batman this is a super pigmented shade that only requires a small amount of product for the desired look. stunning. 
En Fuego (burgundy matte) I like to use this with the shimmery shades of the palette as it adds definition easily. 
Ashes (deep reddish-brown matte) Perfect for eyeshadow looks and me personally I like to use it on my brows too as it’s intense and super long-lasting.
Ember (deep metallic copper-burgundy) I like to use this as an eyeshadow when I wear my lush wigs cherry lipgloss wig. 
urban decay heat palette
My Thoughts
I honestly love this palette and I cannot praise it any more than I have already. I wear this eyeshadow palette most days as you can see from my Instagram photos. If you love heat inspired shades then this palette is definitely for you. I definitely recommend it if you love long-lasting and easy to apply shadows as urban decay are up there with the top eyeshadow brands.
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Where can I buy it?
Urban Decay Heat Palette retails in at £39.50 and can be found in Debenhams and many online retailers including the urban decay website here.
Have you tried the Urban Decay Palette? What are your thoughts? 
Melissa. x
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  1. […]  Urban Decay Heat Palette I got this palette for my 27th birthday this past August. I have used it a lot since then but it got used a lot more this past month because I love using more warmer shade eyeshadows in the spring/summer months. I love using this to make a warm smokey eye look. I also use this as a contour, highlighter and sometimes for my brows too. They are 12 warm shades in this palette such as burnt orange, browns and maroons. It includes a double-ended makeup brush that is a dream to use as it has super soft bristles. Loreal Stylista The Pixie Cream-Wax I recently got my hair cut into a pixie style and this product makes styling my hair so easy. It adds definition very easily and also holds all day long. I love the scent of this as it contains pomegranate extract. This comes from a variety of new loreal hair styling products. They also now offer so many bright and vibrant hair dyes now too which I am tempted to try out. Vatika Virgin Olive Hair Oil I got recommended this by a friend a few years back for my dry and damaged hair. I was surprised how well this works at boosting how soft my hair feels and also refreshing my scalp too. I like to add generous amounts to my hair and scalp and leave it on as long as possible ( usually overnight) Its a great pick me up for hair. I like to use this at least once a week to boost some much-needed hydration into my bleached blonde hair. It washes out nicely and you continue to wash your hair with your usual routine. Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Hel’s Bells I am in love with this lipstick and it is up there with my all-time favourite lipsticks, it is just so lush. I bought this in February and I have used it countless times since then. It is a matte finish but it so lovely and creamy to apply and then can I just say the pigmentation is just blinding its STUNNING! It is a gorgeous pink and mirrors a lovely blue hue. I can’t wait to add more of these lipsticks into my collection, they are a luxury that I like to have as the occasional treat. Garnier Micellar Water I don’t know how I managed without this before, it takes off makeup off like a breeze without any fuss. It’s cooling on the skin and is fragrance-free. It is very simple to use; all you need to do is apply the required amount to a cotton pad and wipe makeup off in circular motions. This doubles over as a cleanser too and they are a few different varieties too of this including one with oil inside it. The Body Shop British Rose Body Yogurt I love the scent of roses and the rose scented products in the body shop are me all time favourites. This is a fairly new product and my goodness I am so glad I bought it when it first came out. It’s so soft and smells lovely. Once it is on the skin it melts into the skin with ease and its non-greasy too. I really wish I bought more of these in different scents, they are fabulous. 💚 PIN ME 💚 What are your favourite beauty products this month?   Mel x If you loved this post don’t forget to follow me on my social media 💛  Facebook for recipes and updates  Instagram lots of me and lifestyle  Bloglovin for more of my posts  Twitter daily thoughts and ramblings on about cake  Pinterest for my wishlists, inspiration and more […]

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