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Collagen… we have all heard of it and my goodness we see a lot of it online and on the high street but what is it?  Well, Collagen is a thing our skin loses overtime when we hit our mid-twenties (boo!). I am 28 now and I have started to take care of my skin much more than I used too, but I have been thinking that it’s about time I look after inside too. I really want to look after my skin, hair and nails as much as I possibly can and that’s where the amazing Bioglan Beauty Collagen products come in!
My hair is quite brittle at the ends ( yep it’s my own fault from dying so much lol) and I also have quite dull skin sometimes which makes me look tired even when I’m not which can be annoying. I have taken multi-vitamins for a few months which are brilliant for overall health but I thought it was about time I used something more specific for hair, skin and nails.

Benefits of Bioglan Beauty Collagen

  • Hydrolysed Marine Collagen & Essential Vitamins and Minerals for healthy hair, skin and nails.
  • Biotin & Selenium – These can contribute to the maintenance of normal hair
  • Vitamin C – Contributes to collagen formation
  • Selenium – Contributes to the maintenance of nails
  • Bioglan uses type 1 collagen – This is an abundant form of collagen which is found in the body which helps with hair, skin and nails.
Bioglan has a variety of different products to choose from and I was lucky enough to be sent the gummies, tablets and also the powder. I will give a small review on each below.
These are so delicious and taste like strawberry sweets which makes them a lot easier to eat (thankfully no horrid after taste). It recommends between 2-5 gummies a day and I usually just take 2 gummies with food every day… I actually look forward to them.
This is so easy to add to everyday foods including shakes, soups and even smoothies. You only need one scoop (5g) once a day. It doesn’t have any taste so it’s easy to have without worrying about it tasting funky.
These taste a lot like multi-vitamins, not brilliant but not awful either. You take 3 of these once a day with a glass of water.
Did they make any difference?
So I have been using mostly the gummies most days while other days alternating with the powder in smoothies and I gotta say I am impressed! They are easy to fit into my routine since they don’t have a horrid taste and are easy to swallow. I have noticed a big difference in my skin and my hair is a lot better than it has been. I would say me changing up my diet to a more complex and more healthy range has also contributed to that but I am sure these have helped along the way with a healthy diet and lifestyle.
These start off at £8.99 which is pretty good compared to a lot of hair, skin and nail supplements out there. You can find out more over at
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