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Get Midsummer Ready with Pixi

This is the time of year when they are many concerts, weddings and outdoor festivals going on. I was meant to be going to a Diana Ross concert this month but for obvious reasons, all concerts and festivals right now have been postponed or cancelled. But since we have none of them just now doesn’t mean we can’t get midsummer ready right? Pixi have you sorted so you can still enjoy festival style makeup. 
Pixi was very generous to gift this gorgeous belted bag with some festival-inspired goodies inside. Inside is a mixture of products which I will tell you more about below!

Get Midsummer Ready with Pixi


So what’s inside the belt bag?
Glitter-Y-Eye Quad (£14.00 each)
An eye twinkly quad with pressed glitter shadows. This palette is called ‘Blue Pearl’ which is 4 ocean resembling sparkly eyeshadows. They are also 2 other palettes like this in the collection. They can be used alone or as a topper for another eyeshadow. Ingredients include castor oil which helps hydrate and also vitamin e which nourishes.
LipLift Max (£12.00 each) 
Not only does this peptide lip plumper add a little bit of volume but it also nourishes while it enhances. They have a slight tint to them and they are 5 of them in the collection, I got ‘Peony Bloom’ which is slightly tinted rose pink. They have a lovely minty scent and once applied they have slight tingle but that goes away quickly. It works nicely for a quick add of volume which lasts a few hours. Ingredients include peptides which plump fine lines, Jojoba oil which nourishes and chamomile extract which soothes.
Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths ( £10.00 for a pack of 40 wipes)
These pre-moistened cleansing cloths gently remove makeup while balancing skin. They are travel friendly and have a lovely light floral scent. They melt makeup off easily including waterproof makeup, no need to wash off. Ingredients including grape seed oil which breaks down makeup, glycerin which traps moisture to the skin and chamomile which is soothing.
H20 Skindrink ( £24.00 each) 
This intense lightweight moisture gel delivers moisture to the skin which is great for thirsty skin. It has a cooling burst with its encapsulated water. Ingredients include green tea which gives powerful antioxidant properties, rosemary which rejuvenates and glycerin which helps trap moisture to the skin.
get midsummer ready with pixi
So that’s everything inside my belt bag! But I would like to suggest is to wear sunscreen! Sunscreen is a must-have all year round, yes even in winter. I will hopefully have individual posts on each of these products soon.
Until next time Mel x
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  1. Nice product…. Easy to carry. Oh yeah sunglasses won't be left out. Thank

  2. This is me every time i am going out, i make sure i bring my make lip tint, powder and mascara. I don't usually do eye shadows during day but yes moisture gel is a must.

  3. The liplift max sounds like something I need to try!

  4. Such a beautiful products. This palette looks amazing.

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  5. This products look fab! And I love the bum bag as well! Would be perfect for festival season!

  6. Love the glitter eye shadows the most!! I like to get my hands on some of those for sure!

  7. Nice products, the glitter y eye quad looks really good.

  8. Pixi hit a homerun with this collection! Especially the see thru bag when dealing with security. Toss in a mascara or eyeliner and I would have my whole routine in one place 🙂

  9. Lovely products! I have always wanted to review makeup or at least get a monthly good bag to try out. These products seem fun and they look so great! Thank you for sharing!

  10. I had heard of pixi products earlier and this review is really good.. And all these are really great.

  11. What a nice belt bag. Lucky you, I’m jealous ! Oh I didn’t know that we need to wear sunscreen as well even winter, will bear that in mind, thanks for the tip.

  12. Love everything!! Glitter eyeshadow is my favorite!!

  13. I love glitter and these shades look so nice! Thanks for sharing your experience with these products!

  14. Pixi products always have the cutest and eye-catching designs! And yes, it's important to use sunscreen when going out.

  15. I have some of their make up melting cloths and they are soooooo lovely. That H20 Skindrink looks amazing too. And yes, sunscreen is a must! Lisa

  16. These products looks promising. Haven't try any of these tho. Where can I find them online?

  17. I wish you would have showed you getting ready. I would have loved to see the colors on. Definitely still gonna look them up.

  18. Pixi is such an anazing brand. I love their products.

  19. I know a lot of younger people who would love this! The colors are so fun and glittery, and the bag is great for hands-free events.

  20. I love these colors, euphoria vibes!

  21. Elizabeth O says:

    Sunscreen to slay the day and prevent skin diseases. All stuff inside your bag is good

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