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My thoughts on the new Mcdonalds McPlant Burger

Mcdonald’s has had very few vegan options in the past and in my opinion, they weren’t great; ok but nothing special. On social media that Mcdonald’s was bringing out a vegan burger called the ‘McPlant‘. I was thinking thank goodness for that, more choices!

The Mcplant burger is now out, October 13th at 250 locations. Thankfully my location was one of them, so I had to get one for myself and share ‘my thoughts on the new Mcdonalds McPlant Burger‘.

mcdonalds mcplant burger
Mcdonalds Mcplant burger review

So what are the burgers?

The burgers are very similar to the big mac with cheese. They are made with Beyond Meat Pattys vegan burger sauce, onions, pickles, tomato, cheese and a sesame seed bun.

Where can I buy the McPlant burger?

Currently, they are in 250 locations in the UK but they will be available all over the UK in January. Check out which stores have the McPlant here.

How do they taste?

From what I can remember they are so much like the original cheeseburger just vegan. The beyond meat patty is juicy and works well with the burger sauce, salad and pickles. I enjoyed the burger so much that I ended up having burgers two days in a row yum!

All the flavours work so well together, especially with the onions, pickles and vegan cheese! Recommend giving this a try.

I was a little worried about the way they are cooked, but I have seen on social media that they are cooked separately from the other products they sell.

Nutritional Information & Allergens

McPlant per serving

Energy 429kcal / 1798 KJ Carbohydrates 40gOf Which Sugars 10g Fat 20g Of Which Saturates 6.6g Proteins 19g Salt 2.2g

This item contains  wheat, sesame and gluten, Mustard Since this is cooked in an environment full of allergens its best to check the site or with the store (click here)

Mcdonalds Mcplant burger review

My thoughts

I am thankful they have added a much better vegan option to the menu. It tastes amazing and it’s something I would defiantly get if I am craving takeaway. I am very hopeful they will eventually add more vegan options to the menu, like a vegan milkshake or even a Mcflurry, I can dream, right?

Check more info here

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  1. I didn’t know McDonald had vegan options! Glad to hear that they are starting to cater for everyone, I am truly miss having as I still need to check for a gluten free option! x

  2. I love that more mainstream restaurants have more vegan options. They haven’t launched it at any close to me. Definitely going to keep an eye out for when it does.

  3. Great review! This sounds delicious, it’s great that McDonalds are finally expanding their vegan range. Thanks for sharing, I might try this x

  4. Very nice! It is lovely to see big chains like McDonald’s diversifying their menu, and the Mcplant burger sounds as delicious as many of their other options. 🙂

  5. thehealthcarehustle says:

    looks so good! i remember dying to find vegetarian food at mcD so good to know they have new options

  6. Marnie says:

    thanks for sharing, i’ll have to try it!!! Marnie xx

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