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BRGR Vegan Options Review

BRGR : Review
I must admit I am a huge burger fan, especially during the summer months. BRGR is not a new place to eat for me my as a lot of my family have ordered from here but me being me I wasn’t keen on the veggie options at that time. The menu has changed quite a bit since then and they now have plenty of vegan & vegetarian-friendly options.
They are four BRGR locations in Scotland, three of them being in Glasgow. I chose the one in Giffnock because that delivers near to where I live. They also have seats inside so you can have a meal there if you prefer.
Before I started the post I will add that I paid for this meal myself.

BRGR : Review vegan
Vegan & Vegetarian options at BRGR
Vegan Burgers
  • Moo-less classic burger – daring patty in a vegan brioche bun with BRGR sauce, pink onion, lettuce and onion.
  • Moo-less classic burger with cheese – same as above but with a vegan cheese
  • Cluck-less piece – crispy daring cluck-less piece with pink onion, lettuce and vegan garlic mayo.
  • Cluck-less spicy piece – same as above but spicy and with buffalo sauce. 
Vegan sides & fries
  • Kids Cluck-less Nuggets & Fries-Nuggets of cluck-free chicken in golden batter & fries
  • Cluck-less Nuggets (6) – Nuggets of cluck-free chicken in a golden batter
  • Fries or sweet potato fries.
BRGR  Review
I am a bit sceptical when it comes to veggie burgers because I have tried so many bad ones in the past I was a little bit nervous to try this one. Now I know lots of people. like burgers that are just mashed vegetables but for me I prefer a more burger tasting burger rather than a burger that falls to bits easily or is bland. I am happy to say this is one of the best vegan burgers I have ever tried!
The sweet potato fries had a generous size portion and they tasted like a low spice peri-peri flavour which was rather nice. The moo-less burger with cheese was just heavenly, it was amazing and I savoured every mouthful. The burger patty was thick and had a nice chew to it. The BRGR sauce, onions and lettuce complemented it perfectly. I actually ate it super slowly to enjoy every moment LOL!
I would suggest visiting the restaurant rather than ordering online though. It costs way more to order online plus the delivery costs to make the cost of this a bit ridiculous for a takeaway. Next time I am going to a BRGR.
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  1. I once had a vegan burger and I loved it it tasted like a regular burger. I would totally try this burger out.

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