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My thoughts on the new Burger King Vegan Royale

Hello Everyone

since I have been a vegetarian for a while before I went vegan. Since I decided to go vegan they have been so many releases of new products. A few of those releases are two new burgers at Burger King; The new Vegan Royale and the new Plant-Based Whopper. I think I may be a little slow onto the bandwagon reviewing the new Burger King Vegan Royale but I did try it at the start of the week and have just got round to posting this up.

I was a bit uncertain at first about the Vegan Royale and The Plant-based Whopper but no worries they are cooked on separate grills. They are also vegan certified. The fries and the Capri suns are also vegan friendly.

Burger King Vegan Royale review

What are the burgers?

Both burgers are provided by the wonderful Vegetarian Butcher.

Where can I buy the new burgers?

They are available all over the UK. I got my meal in Scotland. The meals are priced at £6.79 or you can get the burger for £1.99 on meat free mondays through their app or website.

How do they taste?

I was quite dubious trying this to be honest because I have tried Mcdonalds veggie wraps and in my opionion the last time I tried them they were grim.

Thankfully I was worried for nothing, these burgers have to be my favourite takeout I have had in such a long time! It has a vegan patty from the vegetarian kitchen, lettuce and began mayo inside the seeded bun. All go together like a delicious dream. I have seen a few say it needs more mayo but for me it’s perfection!

The bun was soft, the mayo tastes divine and very similar to the non-vegan counterparts. If anything the only thing I would like is more lettuce.

Nutritional Information & Allergens

Vegan Royale

Per serving

Energy578.6kcal / 2,420.9 KJCarbohydrates51.8gOf Which Sugars6.7gFat31.8gOf Which Saturates2.8gProteins17gSalt1.4g

This item contains soy, wheat, sesame and gluten, may contain milk, eggs, mustard, celery and sulphur dioxide

Burger King Vegan Royale

I really hope more fast food restaurants make something just as delicious as this burger, sometimes finding a vegan option eating out can be the right pain.

My Thoughts

First up I have to say, Yum, this burger was amazing. Everything worked so well together and surprised me so much which is a change for sure. I really enjoyed this burger, I actually smiled eating it because I was expecting it to be a 4 out of 10 but it turned out so much better than that. Since I enjoyed it so much I have to say I would get this again because I feel like it’s balanced perfectly and tastes great like a fast-food burger should, yummy! Even though it’s on the high-calorie end it’s worth the calories, it’s so worth it for me.

Check out more info on

Until next time lovelies!
Mel x

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  1. I am also vegan so finding a fast food alternative is wortha try at least once. I did try the impossible burger and it was not bad but still high in calories unfortunately.

  2. It’s great to see more fast food chains adding vegan options to their menus! These look like such great options x

  3. Amber Myers says:

    I am glad these are delicious. I am not vegan, but sometimes I might want to branch out and try something new.

  4. Lisalisa says:

    I’ve seen this advertised but never thought to try it! I’m sure my oldest have for she is a vegan also. Now I want to try it


    Oh wow, that’s good to hear. The meat versions are pretty grim I think. Glad the vegan burgers are nice.

  6. So glad to see that vegan burgers are available. I just wish they were not made with soy as I am allergic to soy.

  7. Great post! This looks so tasty and sounds like a great option. Though I’m not vegan, I’m always looking to try meatless alternatives and this would be perfect. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Tasheena says:

    I don’t eat meat and I love that they’re offering more plant-based products.

  9. I had no idea Burger King has a vegan burger. I don’t know if yet they offer this option in America. Hopefully soon. I Persian like vegan burgers and I’m not a vegan but I have had a few.

  10. Nikki Wayne says:

    Thanks for the review, glad you enjoyed your meal, I might try this too sometimes.

  11. terristeffes says:

    I am not vegan but I love sharing new finds with my vegan friends! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  12. This looks really yummy. Who said that vegan is boring?!

  13. heatherseeley says:

    I have tried the impossible burger but not the vegan version. I’m glad to hear there is now a vegan option on their menu.

  14. That sounds interesting and tasty. Even though I’m not vegan I’m quite intrigued by your description of the Vegan Royale. Yum!

  15. I must admit that I never tried Burger King before. this truly sounds and look delicious! I wouldn’t mind the calories to be honest if it’s worth it! This sounds like a must-try, thanks for sharing x

  16. This is my first time to learn about this. Glad I came over this post. My friend is a vegan and I am sure she will love this. Will share this to her so she can try it out.

  17. Kathy says:

    I didn’t know they had this now. I’ll have to go soon and give it a try. It does look good.

  18. A good burger once in a while is a must! This one looks amazing!

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